"where serenity and security greet you in the birds' callings"

Port Owen

Port Owen was the first deep-sea, residential marina developed in South Africa by H. Owen Wiggens with the waterways now controlled by the Port Owen Marina Authority.

The marina is surrounded on three sides by the Berg River and is one kilometre from the harbour mouth where the river meets St. Helena Bay. This bay, the largest on the West Coast of Africa, offers the finest sailing conditions on the South African coastline due to its sheltered nature and orientation to the prevailing summer wind (South-east Trade, which blows off-shore). The marine surrounds is renowned for its bird life with well over 350 different sea, land and river birds to be found here.

For the tourist, traveller or cityscaper, the marine offers the Port Owen Yacht Club, the Harbour Centre with its local businesses worth visiting, the Port Owen Marine First Resort and Admiral Island, surrounded by water and offering 24-hour security and tranquillity. All along the island you will find pathways to the water’s edge with benches to enjoy the sunrise, sunset and nature. As the canal is a no-wake zone, boats cruise along leisurely with canoes, paddle-skis and stand-up paddles also enjoying the calm waters. The deep, wide Berg River along the Island is perfect for skiing, knee-boarding and tube-riding and a bit further up the river kite-surfers has their space too.

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